brainwash festival 2023: review

At Brainwash Festival 2023 over 60 talks, performances and lectures took place. You can now watch 4 programmes online! Forgiveness, the Symbiocene, animal rights and state machines: You can find it all here.

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ekaterina schulmann
the russian state of mind

“Russia is not a democracy. But to say that there is no connection between the state machine and the people would be wrong. There is a connection. (..) The state apparatus is not isolated from society, it forms part of that society. It breathes the same air and it consumes the same information. No ruler, rules alone.”

The world-renowned political scientist Ekaterina Schulmann spoke with journalist Iris de Graaf about the Russian regime, totalitarianism and the public opinion in Russia. In search for a more in depth understanding of what is going on in Russia.


glenn albrecht
a symbiotic world

“I think a lot of us are no longer willing to participate. Participating in your own destruction and that of your children and grandchildren seems to me to be a very stupid thing for a species called ‘Homo Sapiens’ to be doing. We are beginning to wise up.”

According to philosopher Glenn Albrecht we need to rebel. We need to shift from fear to action. We need to create room for anger. With Kees Foekema and Evanne Nowak he spoke about hope, the Symbiocene and the tasks ahead of us.


martha c. nussbaum
justice for animals

“There is a kind of anger called ‘transition anger’ which is a future directed anger.That is what I really want to inspire.”

According to philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum the world needs an ethical awakening, a consciousness-raising movement of international proportions.At Brainwash Festival she discussed her approach to animal rights, ethics, and law with Wayne Modest.


myisha cherry
how to forgive better

“Forgiveness became the story, instead of the racial violence. We are obsessed with happy endings, we are uncomfortable with conflict. We desire a happy ending and end up obsessing with the moral pathways to get us there. As opposed to addressing the cause of the problem and making sure that never happens again.”

We have been taught that we need to let go of negative emotions to heal our wounds. But according to philosopher Myisha Cherry these beliefs couldn’t be more wrong. At our festival Myisha spoke with journalist Yasmina Aboutaleb about apologies, collective wrongdoing and pain. In search for a new path towards healing and reconciliation.


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