• brainwash in 2021

    We’re back! This year we are launching Brainwash Weekends, we will publish a book and we will return with an all new festival setup. Oh and before we forget: welcome to our new website

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  • collective loneliness

    More than 40% of Dutch people say they feel lonely. Constantly adapting to a new reality, meeting each other at a distance; it only makes things worse. So we feel it is the perfect time to take a deep dive in to the subject of loneliness at our first ever Brainwash Weekend.

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  • in our rearview

    Because 2020 truly limited our options, and we miss the big ideas, full event venues and our beloved guests, we thought it would be nice to look back at some of our highlights of the past six years.

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brainwash weekend: collective loneliness

During this Brainwash Weekend we hosted conversations between our audience and leading thinkers on how we were able to become so lonely. Other themes included the economic and social impact of this crisis and what can be learnt from philosophers and artists about the human need for connection in times of isolation.

Participants can rewatch the programs until two weeks after Sunday 28 February through the links below.

Alone Together – Paul Verhaeghe & Marjan Slob (in Dutch)

The Lonely Century – Noreena Hertz

The Art of Loneliness – Olivia Laing & Ottessa Moshfegh