What the Bleep is Quantum Theory?

Superpositions, qubits and photovoltaics, do you get it? Future technologies based on quantum theory could change our lives immensely. At the same time, they are a deep mystery to us. In order to be well prepared for these future developments, we’ll dive into what quantum is and get some clarity about the impact it could have on your world.

Scientist Julia Cramer builds technologies for the future: the quantum computer and the quantum internet. Together with philosopher of technology Simon Friederich we’ll get to the bottom of quantum. And no worries, there’ll be plenty of time to ask all of your questions.

Brainwash Festival 19 - 26 okt 2019

Brainwash is hét denkfestival van vandaag waar grote denkers, kunstenaars, schrijvers, filosofen, dichters en wetenschappers een ander licht laten schijnen op de grootste vragen van onze tijd.

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