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Joost van Bellen Playlist

“Nightlife offers space for new ideas, exchanges between all kinds of people, a safe haven for every gender and sexual preference, and radical creativity.” – Joost van Bellen

How to recreate the liberal atmosphere of a festival when it takes place online? We didn’t need much time thinking of who might be able to help us create this vibe. Joost van Bellen is the godfather of the Dutch acid house scene, discodinosaur and has spent most of his life playing eclectic music for highly diverse audiences worldwide. He took the themes of our first ever online digital festival as an inspiration for this playlist that overflows with the newest and edgiest tracks.

Turn on this playlist as a way to get into the mood, or as the perfect backdrop for your discussion with friends between talks. The musical experience will be best when you don’t shuffle or skip tracks, Joost has put a lot of love into the order in which songs appear.


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