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Richard Sennett


Solidarity in the post pandemic city

Only recently our streets were completely deserted and quiet. Right now they are filled with protesters fighting for social justice and equality. In their own way, both situations raise questions about the way in which we make use of the city.

How do we make room for all of us? Can we, with our modern emphasis on personal and political identity, share the streets with people who differ, be it ethnically, religiously or economically? How do we find a balance between social cohesion, social distance and privacy? Widely admired sociologist Richard Sennett, who has spent a lifetime working on cities, labor and culture, and with him we’ll dive into the challenges and possibilities for our shared urban futures and how to harness togetherness.

This program will be moderated by Femke Kaulingfreks.

About Richard

Richard Sennett is Senior Fellow at the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University and Visiting Professor of Urban Studies at MIT. He currently serves as Senior Advisor to the United Nations on its Program on Climate Change and Cities. Sennett writes about the development of cities, the nature of work in modern society, and the sociology of culture. His latest book is Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City, and sets out a bold and original vision for our future in the urban environment.

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