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Martha Nussbaum


About the power of emotions

Times of crisis tap into our emotions. We can feel scared about our future, afraid of others or even angry about the freedom we have to give up. With world famous philosopher Martha Nussbaum we speak about how these personal feelings influence the way we think and act and how they can pose a risk to our democracy.

How will emotions of fear and anxiety influence how we vote? Will the call for more autocratic regimes expand? Are emotions the reason for Trump to be reelected this fall? Martha Nussbaum will analyze the current state of our democracies and speak with us about the power of emotions and the relationship between the emotional and the political.

This program will be moderated by Marjan Slob.

About Martha

Martha Nussbaum is one of the world’s most well known philosophers and a professor of Philosophy of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago. The Fragility of Goodness, Sex and Social Justice, Hiding from Humanity and The Monarchy of Fear are only some of the many books she has written. Next to that Nussbaum introduced the Capability Approach, an alternative economic theory, together with Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen. Nussbaum won numerous prizes and received 56 honorary degrees from universities around the world.

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