Helen Steward
We Are All Animals


Would you make the choice to be locked in a cage? Can we keep animals in a zoo or even have them as pets? When we consider humans as animals, questions about our place in the animal kingdom are put in a different light. British philosopher Helen Steward searches for a humanism that is compatible with animalism. Because it is important to understand that we are all animals. We are a part of biodiversity and not outside of it. Before you know it, we should start to think quite differently about the ways in which we take care of our own physical bodies and the planet as a whole.

Brainwash Festival 19 - 26 okt 2019

Brainwash is hét denkfestival van vandaag waar grote denkers, kunstenaars, schrijvers, filosofen, dichters en wetenschappers een ander licht laten schijnen op de grootste vragen van onze tijd.

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