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Seven leading thinkers will address today’s most urgent questions at our first ever online festival: Brainwash Digital. Because the need for innovative ideas and fresh perspectives has never been more pressing.

Tune in to our talks with Martha Nussbaum, Jia Tolentino, Layla F. Saad, Srećko Horvat, Michael Sandel, Samantha Power and Richard Sennett. With this world-renowned lineup we go beyond the cascade of news headlines and daily statistics to discover the enormous ideological and political impact of the crisis, and explore future scenarios.

What are our values in a post-pandemic world? How should we change both our personal lives and our public policy? What can be done? Does the growing gap between the rich and poor demand a radical re-do over our economy? Does our sense of morality end at our national borders? By using these and more essential questions our speakers invite you to help rethink the system to achieve the world we need.

Select your favorite thinker and get your individual ticket today for 7,50 euros, or book a full access festival pass for only 20 euros and enjoy all that Brainwash Digital has to offer!

*Recordings of the events will be available for registered users on CrowdCast a few minutes after a stream ends.

Friday 16 October

19:30 – Srećko Horvat: Towards a New World Order

Croatian philosopher and political activist Srećko Horvat envisions a global liberation movement to meet current crises head on, and to build a shared future. Read more about Srecko, and book your ticket here.


Saturday 17 October

14:30 – Layla F. Saad: Combat Racism, Change the World

Bestselling author Layla F. Saad delves into the landscape of white privilege and explores the ways in which white people can help combat racism. Read about Layla, and get access to this event here.

16:00 – Richard Sennett: Solidarity in the Post Pandemic City

Widely admired sociologist Richard Sennett has spent a lifetime working on cities, labor and culture, and with him we’ll dive into the challenges and possibilities of our shared urban futures and how we will live together. Read more about Richard, and buy your ticket here.

20:00 – Samantha Power: About Ideals in Times of Crisis

With Samantha Power, former adviser to Barack Obama and US Ambassador to the UN, we discuss how we can accomplish change and international cooperation in times of closed borders and national self interest. Read all about Samantha, and book your ticket here.


Sunday 18 October

15:00 – Michael Sandel: About the Common Good

The world-renowned philosopher Michael Sandel explores how the pandemic is redefining our ideas about this ‘common good’ and explains why he thinks we are morally unprepared for this crisis. Find out more about Michael, and get your ticket here.

17:00 – Jia Tolentino: About the Dream of Self Optimization

Jia Tolentino, staff writer for The New Yorker, sets on a mission to explore how we have adjusted to live under late capitalism and how this has impacted how we think about our bodies and our sense of self. Find out more about Jia, and get your tickets here.

20:00 – Martha Nussbaum: About the Power of Emotions

With the godmother of modern philosophy Martha Nussbaum we speak about how personal feelings of fear and anxiety influence the way we think and act and how they can pose a risk to our democracy. Read more about Martha, and buy your ticket here.

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