Brainwash Special: An evening with Thomas Piketty [UITVERKOCHT]

english Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Rabo zaal

‘It’s time to go beyond capitalism’ – Piketty

World-famous economist Thomas Piketty is back with a thought-provoking plea for a new economic system. For a world that is fair to everyone.

Economy is not just a set of laws. The world as it is today is based on ideologies from the past. In his new book ‘Capital and Ideology’ Thomas Piketty introduces us to the ideas that have promoted inequality for centuries.

What choices can we make to reduce inequality? How do we escape disappointing ideas from left and right? Are the ideas of economic grandmaster Piketty really the breeding ground for a peaceful, sustainable and equal future? Come and hear it during Brainwash Special: An evening with Thomas Piketty.

‘Capital and ideology’ is the successor of one of the most important books of this century, ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’. It is a sharp criticism of contemporary politics and a start to a new and fair economic system. Piketty focuses on participatory socialism for the twenty-first century: a new ideology of equality, social ownership, education and the sharing of knowledge and power.

Interview by: Karim Benammar

Thomas Piketty

Thomas Piketty is a French Economist and Professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics and Centennial Professor at the LSE. His book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, one of the leading works on economics of recent times, has global sales of far more than 2 million copies.

Programme information:

Tickets: Regular: € 35,- (sold out), First row € 85,- (incl. a copy of the Dutch book worth € 49,99)
Language: English
Date: 27-02-2020
Location: Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Rabozaal | Leidseplein 26, Amsterdam
Time: Doors: 20:00h, Start event: 20:30h, end: 22:00h

* This programme is a collaboration with Internationaal Theater Amsterdam.
* The Dutch version of the book Capital and Ideology, ‘Kapitaal en Ideologie’ will be released on February 18th 2020 at De Geus publishers.

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