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So here we all are. Surrounded by the wreckage caused by neoliberalism, waiting for the next crisis to hit us: ecological, relational, digital, … But what can we do about it? Luckily, life isn’t always just fun and games. New stories emerge that could possibly liberate us and show us the way to a more (or perhaps less?) authentic life.

This year, in the historic centre of Amsterdam, we will be thinking about bullshit jobs, narcissism and self-love, deep inequality, the negative effects of happiness, local currency, visions of the future and dystopias, liberating algorithms, the flipside of authenticity and our post-capitalist culture. Controversial thinkers and artists, both Dutch and international, will share their insights on the biggest issues of the present day, offer clarification in these times of confusion and help create new frameworks for progress!

A festival ticket grants you admission to some 100 talks and events held at more than 15 locations from 1pm till 1am. Allow yourself to be fascinated and inspired by the world’s most fabulous speakers giving talks in churches and theatres in AmsterdamĀ“s city centre. The venues are: De Brakke Grond, the theatre of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Frascati, the Waalse Kerk, Zuiderkerk, Perdu, University theatre, Compagnietheater, Kapitein Zeppos and the Agnieten Chapel. In the run-up to the festival, additional related programmes will be held commencing 20th October.