breaking black stereotypes

Superheroes like Black Panther, Nakia, Sister Knight and Blade are setting a new standard for the way people of colour are depicted in films, series and advertising. The prevailing clichés are rapidly changing under pressure from viewers and makers. Nevertheless, some stereotypes are persistent. Unlike Black Panther’s fictional home country Wakanda, ‘Africa’ is still represented in a one-dimensional way: as a dry, red safari landscape, ravaged by poverty.

Beyond the clichés 

During Tropenmuseum x Brainwash Festival: Breaking Black Stereotypes we will investigate these clichés and alternatives to them, together with Omroep Zwart (‘the black channel’) presenter Milouska Meulens.
The principal guest for the evening is British author and Vice journalist Dipo Faloyin, who in his book Africa Is Not A Country puts paid to this one-dimensional representation. Director of Content and professor Wayne Modest will give a mini-seminar on the power of images. Journalist and media activist Janice Deul will shine her light on the fashion industry and Baba Touré, owner of social media agency Hammerfest, will show how media formats can put across complex messages without sacrificing pace and attractiveness.




Thursday 27 October 2022. Doors from 19:00, programme starts 20:00


This programme is in English.


 A ticket for the programme costs €15. Buy your ticket here.

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This programme is a companion piece to the Our Colonial Inheritance exhibition in the Tropenmuseum. During the hour before the programme, you are very welcome to visit the exhibition. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount on our programme to holders of the Museumjaarkaart.