brainwash special: michael sandel (sold out)

Michael Sandel is one of the most famous public thinkers in the world. On Monday, 8 May, we will be talking to this morality rock star about the growing chasm between rich and poor, increasing distrust of political systems and the liberal market thought that have disrupted our society.

During this interview, we will be asking him the most pressing questions: how can we live together in times of division? Is it still possible to close the gaping chasms within society? And how can we get away from the omnipresent philosophy of ‘homo economicus’?

He will also discuss moral and ethical questions with us: what judgements do we make concerning our actions and on the basis of what underlying principles? Do you stick to your standpoints, or are you able to revise them?

This evening will be opened by deputy mayor Marjolein Moorman of the city of Amsterdam.

The moderator for this programme is Eveline Groot.

practical information

When: Monday 8 May 2023, doors open 19h30 – start: 20h00
Where: De Brakke Grond, Nes 45 in Amsterdam
Tickets: €19.50 Euros (student) / €22.50 (normal)


about michael sandel

Michael J. Sandel (1953) teaches political philosophy at Harvard University.  His books–on justice, democracy, bioethics, markets, and meritocracy–have been translated into more than 30
languages. He has been described as “the world’s most influential living philosopher.” (New Statesman)

He became world famous for his books, including The Tyranny of Merit (2020) about the terror exercised in the name of the concept of meritocracy and Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? (2010), in which he shows how a better understanding of philosophy can help us better understand politics, morality and our own convictions.

Back in the nineties, Sandel had already signalled a deep dissatisfaction with democracy and the inequality between rich and poor. His book Democracy’s Discontent (1998) has been reprinted in a new revised edition, available in Dutch as Het onbehagen in de democratie (2023). Six of Sandel’s books have been translated in Dutch, by Uitgeverij Ten Have, find them here.