Brainwash Festival 2022 rewind

At Brainwash Festival 2022 over 60 talks, performance and lectures took place. You can now watch 4 of those programmes! From Reality+ about consiousness and the metaverse to a climate-soundtrack with Bjork and techno. You can find it all here.

Timothy Morton – You are ecological

‘How can I dance with the devil on my back? How can I imagine a different future with this weight on my shoulders?’ Philosopher Timothy Morton asked us this question in light of the climate crisis. He provided us not only with a philosophy, but also with a soundtrack for the post-anthropocene. Because we can think about the past, we must feel and hear the future.


According to philosopher David Chalmers, there is no scientific explanation for how and why we experience consciousness. This opens the doors to crazy thoughts about our relationship to reality (what reality?) and the metaverse (fake world, huh?). David talks about this with philosopher Miriam Rasch. Brace yourself for dizzying thought experiments!


Hamza Syed & Clarice Gargard – 8 episodes of Islamopobhia

Where is the boundary between journalism and activism? This question is central to the world-famous podcast The Trojan Horse Affair by The New York Times and Serial. With maker Hamza Syed and journalist Clarice Gargard we will discuss institutional racism and the power of institutions.


Curious to see more?

On our YouTube channel you can also watch the conversation with Kevin Owocki about ‘How crypto will save the planet’. You can also find conversations and talks from previous editions of Brainwash Festival on our channel.