the future of work: daniel susskind & pavlina tcherneva

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the future of work: daniel susskind & pavlina tcherneva

tomorrow's economy

We strive for work that makes our lives meaningful, gives us joy and – if possible – makes us wealthy. Yet at the same time, digitisation, flexibilisation and deregulation have caused huge shifts in the labour market. What is clear is that our relationship to and with work is changing. Is it time to revolutionise our thinking about work and wealth?

Moderator: Jessica van der Schalk.

The programme will be in English.

16:30 – 17:10 – Daniel Susskind: a world without work

“Will machines replace people?” You will often hear that question in relation to automation and AI. But it is the wrong thing to ask, says economist Daniel Susskind. Instead, we should be asking: how do we distribute wealth in a future world with less or even no work? Because that world is undoubtedly coming. Daniel will be speaking to us on the role that work plays in people’s lives, and what to do when that role vanishes.

17:10 – 17:20- Mia You: identity and work

Poet and academic Mia You reflects on the relationship between identity and work.

17:20 – 18:00 –  Pavlina Tcherneva: work for all!

What would the world look like without unemployment? If everyone – regardless of personal circumstance or the state of the economy – was guaranteed a paid job? The right to work is written into our constitution, and according to economist Pavlina Tcherneva, we must organise our society accordingly. She will be joining us to explore a world with work for all.