the lonely century: noreena hertz

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the lonely century: noreena hertz

collective loneliness

We live in the age of solitude. An overemphasis on self-reliance has put our self-interest above that of the community. Though we’re always (able to be) connected, we’re also lonelier than ever. On top of this, the pandemic and resulting 1.5-meter society have only strained relationships between ourselves and others even more.

In her latest bestseller The Lonely Century, economist Noreena Hertz examines how the current loneliness crisis is gaining ground worldwide. Can we still turn the tide of division, isolation and loneliness? In conversation with Hertz, we explore the possibilities on a political, economic and personal level.

Hertz will be interviewed in English. After the interview, which will last about 50 minutes, there will be time for questions from the audience.