Can’t visit our festival in person? No worries! This year we are offering 8 programmes as livestreams for anyone in the world to watch. From the comfort of your armchair, a vacation home or from your weekend shift at work. On Saturday the 30th of October you can follow three top notch programmes that we created with NRC Future Affairs (tickets are available now) and on Sunday the 31st of October you can watch five of our best programmes online for free (as long as you inscribe!). Read this page to find out which programmes you can expect. Please note that all the mentioned times are Amsterdam time (CET).

saturday 30th of october

In collaboration with NRC’s Future Affairs (Wouter van Noort and Jessica van der Schalk), we’ll be talking to pioneering international thinkers and creators about our time’s most significant challenges. From the survival of human life on earth, to our crisis of meaning. We present a three-part programme tackling the question: Where do we go from here? You can now buy one ticket for these three programmes as a bundle.

the future of existence

14:00-15:15 // Toby Ord, Wouter van Noort & Jessica van der Schalk

What can we do now, to better cope with future disasters?
Drawing upon the greatest crises of the 20th century and our response to the pandemic we explore the key to our survival here on earth.

the future of meaning

17:30-18:45 // Jeremy Lent, Wouter van Noort & Jessica van der Schalk

We dive into natural phenomena, western science, eastern wisdom and older cultures, to answer deeper, existential questions and find out how to live more meaningfully and connected.

the future of truth

20:00-21:15 // Nina Schick, Peter Pomerantsev & Haroon Sheikh

We explore a future in which nothing we see on a screen still has to be true, the so-called infocalypes..

sunday 31st of october

Because we feel everyone should participate in a Brainwash Festival programme at least once in their life, we’ve selected five excellent programmes this year that we will be offering as a livestream for free. Simply register your e-mail address through this form below and we will send you a unique access link on the festival day for free.

why we don’t get the best leaders

13:30 – 14:10 // Hélène Landemore & David Van Reybrouck

We aren’t governed by the best leaders, instead we end up electing the richest, most charismatic and most ambitious candidates. Let’s discuss true democracy, the kind that actually works.

what we can learn from a mushroom

15:00 – 15:40 // Anna L. Tsing

A mushroom that teaches us about vulnerability, disassociation and capitalism? We discuss how to live in an environment which is disrupted by humans.

our free body

16:30 – 17:10 // Olivia Laing

What does it mean to have a body? We discuss how resistance, growth and change can originate from our bodies.

how abundance makes us addicted

18:00 – 18:40 // Anna Lembke

We live in an age in which all our needs can be satisfied immediately, always. Why it is so hard for us to deal with all the abundance around us?

oh, that gut feeling!

19:30 – 20:10 // Jonathan Haidt

Why doesn’t everybody believe what you believe? Let’s stop and see the herd animal that we are, and how we are driven by our gut.

We discovered some of these exciting thinkers by listening to Curio this year. This is a cool audio-app that allows you to listen to content from publications such as The Guardian, FT, The Economist, Aeon, Psyche and Salon.