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Won’t be attending the festival this year? No worries. We’re livestreaming four of our programs online, free of charge! Join us from your favourite lazy chair, from your holiday home or between shifts at work.

We’ll be live here from Sunday 29 October 13:30. Below you find an overview of programs to watch.

Shortly after the festival the video’s will be available on our YouTube channel. Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram to receive updates.


our online programme

13:30 – 14:20
a symbiotic world (english)
glenn albrecht (online) & evanne nowak
Welcome to the Symbiocene! A time when humankind lives in perfect harmony with nature and technology and feelings of depression about climate change no longer exist. A utopia? Not according to Australian environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht. Together with Evanne Nowak, he will investigate how we can design this new symbiotic world.


Glenn Albrecht will join the conversation via a live video connection.
15:00 – 15:50
the russian state of mind (english)
ekaterina schulmann
What is your opinion worth if you are in danger when expressing it? Can you get an impression of how people really think when they live in an unfree society? Political scientist Ekaterina Schulmann researches what ‘truth’ is in Russia and how public opinion is made. We dive into ‘the Russian state of mind’ with this popular Russia expert.
16:30 – 17:20
how to forgive better (english)
myisha cherry (online)
Let it go! The conviction that it’s better to forgive and let go of our negative emotions as quickly as possible has deep roots in our society. According to high-profile philosopher Myisha Cherry, this limited view of forgiveness does us more harm than good. In conversation with journalist Yasmina Aboutaleb, she will show us how we can forgive better.

Myisha Cherry will join the conversation via a live video connection. 
18:00 – 18:45
what is justice (for animals)?
martha nussbaum
What is justice? A question philosophers have puzzled over for hundreds of years. However, until now our thinking about the issue of justice has always been from a human perspective. According to world-famous philosopher Martha Nussbaum, it’s time we shifted viewpoint and started thinking about justice for animals. Because, according to Nussbaum, how we are living with them now is absolutely unacceptable.

Martha Nussbaum will join the conversation via a live video connection.