madhumita murgia

Technology that identifies children as future criminals; an app that makes medical diagnoses; a chat bot that is threatening to make journalists redundant: journalist Madhumita Murgia shows us how dependent we have become on technology that often turns out to be unmanageable and uncontrollable. What does it mean to live in a world that is increasingly regulated and determined by artificial intelligence?

Madhumita Murgia is an Indian-British journalist. She was recently named Science & Technology Journalist of the Year for her work at the Financial Times. Among the stories she and her colleagues broke were Elon Musk’s plans to start his own AI business, and she achieved a worldwide scoop when she was able to take a peek behind the scenes of the merger between Google’s British DeepMind and American Brain divisions. Her first book, Code Dependent: Living in the Shadow of AI, will be published this summer.