graham harman (online)

Politicians are adopting an increasingly dismissive attitude towards the truth. The answer however, according to American philosopher Graham Harman, is not just to cite objective facts: “The best remedy for what ails us is not the pair of concepts truth / knowledge, but reality.” In his latest book Object-Oriented Ontology. A New Theory of Everything,Graham brings human beings down from their pedestal and gets us to look differently at reality. A bitter necessity in this post-truth era, Graham says.

Graham Harman is one of the founders of object-oriented ontology (OOO): a philosophical movement that posits that objects exist independently of human observation and that humans cannot obtain knowledge of objects directly. This can only happen indirectly, and even then not first and foremost through science, but rather through phenomenology (the study of the experience of phenomena and objects) and aesthetics (the study of sensory observation, in particular of beauty). He elaborates on this theory in his most recent book Object-Oriented Ontology. A New Theory of Everything. 

Online – Graham Harman will join us via livestream.