benjamín labatut (online)

We look to science for definitive answers to the big questions of life. But with each resolved mystery, a new question arises. Benjamín Labatut wrote the far-reaching novel The MANIAC about insanity and science, madness and genius. He draws us into the thought-processes of groundbreaking scientists who have shaped how we see the world – and sometimes been driven to madness in their search for ultimate knowledge.

Benjamín Labatut is a Chilean author born in the Netherlands in 1980. He was raised in The Hague before settling in Chile, where he lives and works. He is the author of Antarctica starts here, After the Light, The Stone of Madness and When We Cease to Understand the World. In this book he explores the ecstasy and agony of scientific breakthroughs. It has been translated into over thirty languages and was shortlisted for the International Booker Prize and the National Book Award and won the English PEN Award. Last year he published The MANIAC about the Hungarian polymath John von Neumann

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