brainwash festival 2024

65 programmes  •   24 – 27 october 2024   •   leidseplein amsterdam   
An abundance of radical ideas, great performances and clashing visions. From 24 through 27 October 2024, it’s time for Brainwash Festival! The first names on our line-up have now been announced.

Brainwash Festival 2024 is all about Truth & Doubt.We explore the boundaries of reason, present radical propositions turning the way you see the world upside down, celebrate contradictions and get you doubting everything you thought you knew for sure. Tickets for our day-long festival on October 27 are on sale now. Be quick, as our festival sells out really fast every year. Don’t miss out!

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Performances, lectures, discussions and workshops by a mind-boggling line-up of speakers. On October 27, more than 100 thinkers and makers will get together for Brainwash Festival. Want to know who? The first names have just been announced!

About 10 programmes at our festival will be in English. Below you can find the speakers who will participate in these programmes. 

truth & doubt

Whereas the only certainty French Enlightenment philosopher René Descartes could embrace was that he doubted, in our society today there seems to be no room for doubt anymore at all. Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you believe in? A cut-and-dried answer is expected to all these questions, all the time. An unshakeable faith in your own truth, and that you are right. But what do ‘being right’ and ‘truth’ mean at a time of controlling algorithms, screaming politicians and unfathomable technological developments?

Get ready for an unforgettable festival trip that will probe your certainties, turn up down and straight crooked, and where doubt will be the guest of honour.


practical info

Date: October 27, 2024 (main festival day)
13:00 – 00:00
Locations in Amsterdam: Melkweg, Paradiso, De Balie, de Kring en Theater Bellevue
Early Bird Tickets: Sold out
Student Festival Ticket: €32,50
Regular Festival Ticket: €43,50

A Festival Ticket gives you access to all programs on our main festival day on October 27. We’ll announce the other Festival Specials in the summer.

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