this was brainwash digital 2020


Seven leading thinkers addressed today’s most urgent questions at our first ever online festival: Brainwash Digital. Because the need for innovative ideas and fresh perspectives has never been more pressing.

With this world-renowned lineup of Martha Nussbaum, Jia Tolentino, Layla F. Saad, Srećko Horvat, Michael Sandel, Samantha Power and Richard Sennett we went beyond the cascade of news headlines and daily statistics to discover the enormous ideological and political impact of the crisis, and explore future scenarios.


Idealism is not being satisfied with the world as it is, and believing we can do better Samantha Power

What are our values in a post-pandemic world? How should we change both our personal lives and our public policy? What can be done? Does the growing gap between the rich and poor demand a radical re-do over our economy? Does our sense of morality end at our national borders? By using these and more essential questions our speakers invited you to help rethink the system to achieve the world we need.

It was amazing to share this first online experience with all of you, but there is so much more to discuss! So check out our upcoming programs and join the conversation.