Brainwash Digital

Brainwash Festival


17-18 October


Free from the limiting logistics of a physical festival, we are able to offer more than ever before. Though borders may be closed and our loved ones at a distance, we have organised an incredible line-up of international thinkers in this special online event: Brainwash Digital. 

At Brainwash Digital, we join the world’s most renowned writers, philosophers and scientists as they grapple with our most pressing challenges. On Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of October, we speak of our struggle with fear and love, of shifting power balances on the global stage, of ethical dilemmas in times of crisis and of the possibilities for systemic change when the entire world turns upside down.  

The first five speakers have been announced and early bird tickets are now available. For one separate online talk you pay €7.50 and you can join the entire festival for an early bird price of only 20 euros. 

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Please be advised: a ticket to Brainwash Digital does not offer access to Brainwash Wanderlust.